The highly-anticipated release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition is just around the corner on May 14th, which is remastering the first three Mass Effect games, and we've been treated to loads of new footage and details.

IGN has provided the ten minutes of gameplay above, which delves into a performance preview between the original and remastered versions of the games, highlighting some of the new features that have been implemented.

Meanwhile, EA has gone into massive detail about some of the changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition on its website, talking at length about certain gameplay improvements such as combat and ability tuning for the first game, improved boss fights, an easier-to-control M-35 Mako, unified customisation options and much, much more.

We highly recommend checking out the full "gameplay calibrations" article on the EA website if you want more details about Mass Effect Legendary Edition's gameplay, and extra info on the games' visual changes will be arriving next week.

"Getting to go back to the roots of the Mass Effect franchise—our roots, as a team now celebrating our 25th anniversary—has been an incredibly nostalgic and emotional experience for us, and we’re sure a lot of you will feel similarly when you get to play Legendary Edition!

Returning to where it all began, as members of our team revisited the work they did over a decade ago, has been a bit surreal, but it felt like the right thing to do; a passion project from us to thank you for the many years of incredible support."

Liking the look of this gameplay footage? Will you be picking up Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Let us know below.

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