Talking Point: Final Fantasy VII Remake's Exclusivity Window Is Up, Will We Hear Anything?
Image: Square Enix

Over the weekend, Final Fantasy VII Remake's exclusivity window on PlayStation officially ended, and Square Enix is now technically free to push the game onto other platforms. The question now posed is what will happen with the game, and will it make its way onto Xbox consoles eventually?

We don't think many people would say "no" at the opportunity of the game rearing its head on Xbox, and to be honest, it seems like a likely bet in the future. Microsoft seems to have developed a pretty strong relationship with Square Enix - Outriders and Octopath Traveler joining Xbox Game Pass being notable mentions - so the possibility of Final Fantasy VII Remake heading onto the platform isn't too left field.

Then, this begs another question - will the game be included into Xbox Game Pass or not? Most recently, it was part of March's selection of PlayStation Plus games for the month, which again, signals that this theory isn't too extravagant. We also have a large selection of other Final Fantasy titles slowly being introduced into the service. It would be a great way to cap off the collection making its debut as a final entry.

It seems more like a when rather than an if, but it's still possible it could not come at all. We're doubting we're going to hear anything this half of the year, especially with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (a PS5 upgrade with extra content) releasing on June 10. Square Enix is going to want to ensure all their attention is on that, but what about after? E3 is the following week of Intergrade's release, and Microsoft is already confirmed to be in attendance. If we were to place a bet, this is where we'd lay our chips.

Will Final Fantasy VII Remake come to Xbox?

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