Today marks the official release of the remastered Yakuza spinoff Judgment for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (a next-gen exclusive), which is now live on the Microsoft Store at a price of £34.99 / $39.99.

We're working on bringing our review of the game to you over the next few days-or-so, but in the meantime, the first reviews have gone live across the web, so here's a quick overview of what everyone's saying:

Twinfinite (9/10)

"The visuals are better than ever, the 60fps framerate really amplifies the fluidity of Dragon Engine and combat, and load times are near non-existent. It may take a little while to get going, but once it has got its claws in you, it’ll be difficult to put down."

Windows Central (4/5)

"Judgment is a great spin-off of Yakuza, and is an excellent starting point for those interested in the series. However, the new detective elements don't go as far as they need to and end up feeling like scene dressing."

Attack Of The Fanboy (4/5)

"Judgment looked and ran fine in its initial release, but the next-gen remaster is a much better experience. In order to get the Dragon Engine running on PS4, the game had to run at 30 FPS, but now Judgment runs at a locked 60 FPS at all times."

SomosXbox (4/5)

(Translated) "It is time to close this Judgment analysis on Xbox Series X making it clear that this version is the definitive one. A delivery that if already in 2019 was remarkable in 2021 it becomes excellent. The graphic facelift helps us to enjoy a much more fluid gameplay with a much more elaborate technical section that eliminates unnecessary filters that tarnished the image of the game."

The Xbox Series X version doesn't have enough reviews to rank on Metacritic as of yet, but the PlayStation 5 version is sitting at a very impressive 84 based on 11 reviews.

Interestingly, there's some kind of big Judgment reveal being planned for May 7th as well, which is being heralded as "Judgment Day" by SEGA, and fans are hoping it might be an actual sequel to Judgment. We'll see!

Are you picking up Judgment this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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