Remember the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005? At the time, in-store retailers were using something called a Kiosk Demo Disc to advertise the system, and it's a pretty crazy nostalgia trip looking at it in 2021!

Full credit for the video above goes to Digiex on YouTube, who provides an excellent look at this 2005 disc featuring the iconic 'Blades' dashboard. According to them, this disc could originally be booted on any Xbox 360 by burning it onto a DVD-R, but Microsoft released an update in 2006 to prevent standard Xbox 360s from running it.

This is far from the only Kiosk disc you can find footage of from the Xbox 360 days on YouTube, but it appears to be one of the very earliest. It's a fascinating look back at some of the early Xbox 360 launch titles, explanations about Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft Points (remember those?), and details about accessories and faceplates.

Remember seeing one of these kiosk discs back in 2005? Give us your memories down below.