Mario And Halo Crossover Art

There's been a lot of buzz already this week that Microsoft and Nintendo could be collaborating together on something. Well, the official Halo Instagram account has only added fuel to the fire with this new artwork, which can only be described as a massive tease.

The art, which is beautifully drawn, features many iconic Mario characters sporting spartan armour. Nintendo's very own Mario is even donning Master Chief's suit, with his own unique twist and signature logo on top.

This would make a great desktop wallpaper, to be honest!

But what does this all mean, if anything? The obvious answer is it's potentially a tease that the two companies are cooking up something, but we simply don't know yet. That being said, it's fun to theorize and throw around some fun ideas. Master Chief for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a reoccurring comment in the responses, and that's something we could definitely get behind... even if it isn't strictly Xbox related.

Do you think this artwork is signalling anything, or is it just a bit of fun? Let us know in the comments below.