Random: Microsoft Might Be Teasing An Xbox, McDonald's And Spotify Collab
Image: McDonalds, Xbox

Yesterday, the official Microsoft Twitter account published a tweet addressed to Xbox and McDonald's - with Spotify attached, asking if they were wanting to catch up soon.

It comes across as a joke and also signs off as the "person" who runs the Microsoft account, but knowing Microsoft and Xbox, it could potentially be another cryptic message of sorts. The end part of Microsoft's message says it will "talk soon" to the other accounts.

The official Xbox account responded to this, mentioning how it seemed like the "right crew" for a road trip. So that's games, food and music sorted, we take it? Maybe Microsoft will buy McDonald's or Spotify next, nah... Could it be tied to an upcoming event or Game Pass Perks promotion? We guess we'll find out.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own thoughts and theories down in the comments below.

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