We've been waiting for the classic TimeSplitters series to return ever since the original Xbox generation, and while that unfortunately hasn't been the case, it is possible to play TimeSplitters 2 on your modern Xbox right now!

However, it'll definitely require some work. TimeSplitters 2 (a "native 4K" version, no less) is actually hidden within Homefront: The Revolution for Xbox One, accessible via an arcade cabinet around six hours into the game. The first two levels of TS2 have been playable this way for years now, but it's only over the past couple of days that codes have been discovered to unlock the full TimeSplitters 2 experience on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

You can see exactly where to find this in-game arcade cabinet in the video above, but unfortunately there's no way right now of bypassing that multi-hour playthrough requirement of Homefront: The Revolution on Xbox. There are also reports that the menus in TS2's arcade mode can be very buggy, so don't expect 100% success with it.

Here's what Sanctine had to say about this version on the Xbox One Reddit:

"Just gave this a try. Story mode is very accessible and very playable! It's a bit buggy but nothing game breaking I've seen so far. You may want to turn HDR off if you decide to play through it, some effects caused HDR to go kinda haywire (on the cathedral level).

As for the arcade modes, the menus all look garbled to me. This is on Xbox Series X, it may be different on other platforms. I tried to get an arcade match to start up but because I can't read any of the text I couldn't navigate my way to the gameplay. I suppose if you remember the original game's menus by heart it's worth a shot."

Despite those caveats, this by default is the best looking version of TimeSplitters 2 yet, and serves as the only way right now to play the game on a modern Xbox system. Let's hope we get a proper remastered collection eventually.

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Have you managed to access TimeSplitters 2 in Homefront: The Revolution? Let us know down below.

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