Outriders Is Off To A Promising, But Turbulent Start On Xbox Game Pass

The release of Square Enix's co-op RPG shooter Outriders was highly anticipated earlier this week, and perhaps a little too highly anticipated, as the team has been working very hard to try and stabilise the game's servers.

Unfortunately, that's led to quite a bit of negative feedback on the Microsoft Store and social media, but to the Outriders team's credit, they have been very, very responsive on social media with consistent updates.

When the servers have been working, the general consensus has been that Outriders is an enjoyable co-op shooter, and we've already seen a few in-progress reviews crop up from the likes of GameSpot and Game Informer that have been mostly full of praise (we have our own Pure Xbox review of Outriders coming soon).

As with all highly-anticipated releases, we're assuming any server issues will eventually disappear over the next few days as the team works around the clock to fix those problems this Easter weekend. Fingers crossed!

How are you finding Outriders so far? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

What Are Your Initial Impressions Of Outriders?