Despite not having a native next-gen version, NieR Replicant is still drawing power from the beasts that are the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and as a result, is said to be demonstrating some impressive results.

In a new comparison video from YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits, which looks at NieR Replicant playing across Xbox and PlayStation systems, the Xbox Series X version is showing some fantastic improvements over the PlayStation 5. Most notable are the loading times, which clock in at just under six seconds on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, whereas PlayStation 5 users are seeing upwards of 15 seconds.

Additionally, the Xbox Series X has a resolution of 1440p, against the PlayStation 5 which remains 1080p. On the flip side, the Xbox Series S comes in considerably lower at 792p. But across all versions, the game maintains a solid 60FPS, despite the difference in resolution quality.

If that wasn't enough, the anisotropic filter and draw distance is claimed to be best experienced on Xbox Series X, with shadows also having an advantage on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 compared to other consoles.

These are some mighty impressive results, and a testament to the power of Xbox's commitment to delivering a fantastic backwards compatibility experience. It may be while until we get a lot of next-gen exclusives, but in the meantime, the Xbox Series X and S are continuing to improve our Xbox One games.

Have you noticed any improvements of NieR Replicant on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know in the comments below.