Life Is Strange: True Colors is expected to launch on September 10, but in the meantime Square Enix has provided a look at the game's opening scene which demonstrates an extraordinary leap in the series' graphics engine.

The scene in question introduces us to Alex Chen, the game's protagonist, who spends the scene speaking to her social worker about her life and future. It's immediately apparent the massive uphaul in graphical quality that Life Is Strange: True Colors is displaying. Alex's facial expressions often say more than words can say, which is a big improvement from the often stilted character models in the previous entries.

Both Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Beyond The Storm are also coming in a remastered collection later this year. It's not apparent how big the graphical changes will be, but it's said both will have refined visuals and animations.

Life Is Strange: True Colors looks a huge step forward for the series, then. It's also moving away from the episodic nature of previous titles and arriving in one go. Much like a Netflix show, you'll be able to devour this at your own pace.

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