Crytek announced earlier today that Crysis Remastered had received a surprise Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update, and Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has already been able to analyse its performance.

The update allows for three options on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S - RayTracing, Quality mode and Performance mode, with all three targeting 60fps on Xbox Series X, and two out of three targeting 30fps on Xbox Series S.


  • Performance mode - 1080p - 60 fps
  • Quality mode – 2160p - 60 fps
  • RayTracing - 1440p - 60 fps


  • Performance mode – 1080p - 60 fps
  • Quality mode - 2160p - 30 fps
  • RayTracing - 1080p - 30 fps

So, what's the score? Ultimately, the Xbox Series X version appears to perform well-ish across all modes, especially if you've got access to a VRR capable TV or monitor, but none of them appear to be a locked 60fps.

"Let's tackle the quality mode first... without the [VRR] feature active, we're looking at something more in line with a 50-60fps experience."

"Performance mode is smoother on Series X, it's a closer lock to 60 frames per second as you would imagine with its much lower target resolution. However, busy areas still see some performance drops - which is surprising, bearing in mind the mammoth level of CPU and GPU power being thrown at the game."

The RayTracing mode is supposedly the worst of the bunch on Xbox Series X, even when using a VRR display, although the 1080p, 30 frames per-second target for RayTracing on Xbox Series S is said to be pretty consistent. The downside with the Series S is that the 60fps Performance mode can only reach between 40-50fps.

It's a little bit disappointing that Crysis Remastered can't hit a locked 60fps even on Xbox Series X, then, but it still sounds as though it runs fairly well in certain scenarios. Let's hope it can be optimised even further in the future.

"So, ultimately, we can't quite achieve the console 60fps dream on Xbox Series consoles with this new patch - and bearing in mind performance levels achieved on Xbox One X, that is a little disappointing. However, the experience can still impress: quality mode on Series X when paired with a VRR-capable display certainly delivers the goods."

Have you tried out Crysis Remastered's new Xbox Series X & S update yet? Let us know below.