With a game called Twelve Minutes you would be forgiven for believing the game could be a quick finish. Download, complete, easy gamerscore, onto the next game. Simple, right? Well, all is not as it seems as the game's developer, Luis Antonio, has said that playtesting has seen some crazy numbers.

12 Minutes operates on a time loop, as a quiet evening descends into chaos when a police officer barges in, accuses your wife of murder, and then beats you to death - sounds like fun. But despite taking place in one apartment, Antonio revealed during an ID@Xbox stream last week that playtesting has seen the game reach close to 20 hours.

"From playtesting, I thought the game would last about 8 hours, but so far we're rounding up to 15 - 18 hours, so it does go pretty deep until you reach would I would call a satisfactory ending."

For a game with a time loop that only lasts 12 minutes, you're looking at performing upwards of 100 runs through before fully piecing together the mystery. We hope it justifies that length. There's no word on when the game will release, but Antonio is confident it will be "very soon", and we're very excited to get our hands on it this year.

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