The Xbox Mobile App Is Finally Adding In Some 'Missing' Features

Update (Tue 9th Mar, 2021 22:00 GMT): Microsoft has confirmed today that Achievements will be the first of these "missing features" to be added back into the Xbox mobile app, starting with a limited set of players:

"Achievements are returning! We heard the fan feedback that our community wants achievements brought into in the Xbox app on mobile. This month we’re testing various achievement experiences in the app, starting with a limited set of players and then rolling out to everyone.

This first update will include a list of achievements in the app, an achievements details screen, and achievement unlocked notifications. We’ll also be releasing an additional update with popular features like leaderboards in the coming months."

Original story (Sat 13th Feb, 2021 13:30 GMT): There's been one major problem with the new Xbox mobile app ever since it was released late last year, which has been the removal of some key features such as achievements, an Activity Feed and a proper storefront.

Fans have made their voices heard about these missing features, and now Xbox director of project management Jason Ronald has confirmed the likes of achievements will return in "the coming months":

"One of the pieces of feedback that we've very clearly seen is people are missing features like achievements as an example in the Xbox app. So over the coming months, we're going to be updating the Xbox mobile app to add things like achievements."

Ronald made these comments as part of Major Nelson's latest podcast, where he confirmed that the Xbox mobile app, along with Game DVR and Quick Resume improvements, are "really high priorities" for the team at present.

Ultimately, the new Xbox mobile app contains some really cool new features such as Remote Play that we're really enjoying, but the inclusion of achievements and some other key additions will definitely make it a whole lot better.

Happy to see the return of achievements and other 'missing features' to the Xbox app? Let us know below.