Talking Point: What's Your First Resident Evil Memory?
Image: Capcom

It’s hard to believe the original Resident Evil is 25 years old today. Who would have thought back then that the franchise would shift into what it’s become? It pushed past the medium of simply just being a video game, and now has movies, comics, books, and a dedicated fan base which have stuck with the series through and through - the good and the bad.

For such an iconic series, it’s sometimes great to look back and see how far it’s come. More notably, looking at our own experiences with it and how they’ve made us the fans we are today. As many of the older generation remember where they were when they humans first put a man on the moon, Resident Evil fans undoubtedly remember their first or at least their favourite memories of the series.

Over here at Pure Xbox, we fondly remember being impressed by Resident Evil 4 when it first launched (even though it wouldn't arrive on Xbox until many years later), and enjoying Resident Evil 5 as a fantastic co-op experience on Xbox 360. The latter will always have a fond spot in our hearts and constantly reminds us the joys of buddying up with a friend online. This writer also screamed so loud during Resident Evil 2 Remake that he woke up the entire household!

What are your first and favourite memories with the series? Maybe it was staying up till 4am, huddled around your TV playing the original game? Or perhaps you caught scenes of the film at a young age which scarred you for life?

Everyone has a memory of Racoon City - so what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below.

What Was Your First Resident Evil Game?