SEGA's Latest Survey Has Got Xbox Fans Asking For More Ports

SEGA is currently running a survey looking at players' gaming habits, but additionally, it's asking what the company can do to enhance people's games. Obviously this has Xbox fans talking and there's one thing on everyone's mind - ports.

The survey delves into what games people typically play, which consoles they own, and strangely enough, their anime watching habits. One of the final questions in the survey simply asks what SEGA can do to enhance your gaming experience, which has had Xbox players on Reddit talking. Persona, Jet Set Radio Future, and Virtual Fighter have been mentioned just to name a few, and the sentiment is, players want to see more ports.

The survey is only available to those 18+, so be warned, but if you want to give your feedback with the other numerous Xbox owners who want to see more ports, you know what to do. SEGA previously said it would be "aggressively" looking to port more games to PC (thanks, following the success of Persona 4 Golden, so maybe we can prove the same achievement can be met on Xbox?

Would you like to see more SEGA ports come to Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.