It Takes Two Critic Roundup
Image: EA Originals

After a very quiet first few months of releases, we finally have a new game in the shape of It Takes Two - a charming looking adventure game from Josef Fares, the creative mind behind A Way Out.

We’re still working on bringing our review to you, but in the meantime, we’ve rounded up some thoughts from other outlets to give you some indication of what it’s like before it launches on Friday, March 26.

Here are what some critics are saying - it all seems to be very positive:

Gfinity (5/5)

"After the enjoyable, but often intense, A Way Out, It Takes Two is a confident next step for Hazelight Studios. Varied and ambitious in scope, it's the culmination of what Josef Fares began with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back in 2013, and in these bizarre times it's a perfect antidote to a world shorn of physical connection."

The Gamer (4.5/5)

"It Takes Two is, without a doubt, the best co-op game you can play right now. It’s much more ambitious and bigger budget than A Way Out, which was still brilliant in its own way. Josef Fares and the team at Hazelight take things to the next level here, and I can only imagine what they’ll do when they’re inevitably given a triple-A budget. Grab a friend by the hand and pull them through an adventure unlike any other as soon as you can - you won’t regret it."

Game Informer (9.25/10)

"It Takes Two may not be the platforming juggernaut that it aspires to be, but it more than makes up for it with its big heart, wealth in variety, and gorgeous imagery. All of its individual actions are things we’ve done in other games, but when applied to this distinct cooperative approach, they take on a whole new life and are used in wonderful ways over a long adventure."

Push Square (8/10)

"It Takes Two is an excellent co-op adventure. While it stumbles on certain narrative aspects and not all the performances are winners, it more than makes up for that with its brilliantly fun and ever-changing gameplay. Forcing two players to work in tandem in countless ways, the game embraces co-op play wholeheartedly, and the variety of gameplay and environments makes it a joy to play from start to finish."

VGC (4/5)

"We doubt you’ll play another game this year that has so many innovative moments and surprising situations. As long as you don’t expect any of them to happen during the cut-scenes, you and your co-op partner will have a fantastic time."

Most critics seem to feel strongly about the game, praising a huge amount of variety in its level design and direction. Some have criticised its plot and noted a weak third act, but there's definitely a lot of positivity flying around!

At the time of writing, the game has a massive 89 score from 16 Xbox reviews on Metacritic!

Are you picking up It Takes Two this week? Let us know in the comments below.