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Image: Microsoft

The Halo community is continuously working on fan projects that look to celebrate the franchise. As a result, the Halo Waypoint team often share a bunch of creations made by its following that show the cultural impact the series has had, and the latest one may just be one of the best yet.

Twitter user FletchUH has successfully managed to recreate the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved cover art with Halo Infinite’s promotional materials. The results are stunning, with a new piece of cover art that could easily rival any of the official materials.

The Halo Waypoint blog post also celebrates an array of other people’s work, from a variety of hand drawn artwork, to fully rendered 3D models. There’s even some pretty cool tattoos and a real life replica of a Warthog. Halo Infinite may be a few months away, but the community is strong and ready for when it arrives.

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[source twitter.com, via halowaypoint.com]