Microsoft Ranks Sixth In Metacritic's Top Game Publishers Of 2020

Metacritic has today published its 11th annual game publisher rankings list for 2020 to determine the best and worst game publishers of the year, based solely on the quality of those publishers' releases over the 12 months.

To do so, it utilised a points system based on the average Metascore for all of a publisher's games released in 2020, as well as the % of scored products with good reviews, the % of scored products with bad reviews, and the number of "great" titles with a Metascore of 90 or above. The results were then added up and put into a table.

"Sales and user reviews do not factor into these rankings; only critic reviews (as captured by each game's Metascore) are used to evaluate performance.

Note that the Metascore average (the first factor) counts slightly more than the other factors. Only publishers with five or more distinct titles released last year are included in our rankings."

So, what were the final results? SEGA was the company to come out on top, finishing with an average Metascore of 81.6 in 2020. Sony finished in fourth, while Microsoft was just behind in sixth, receiving Metascore averages of 79.8 and 78.6 respectively. Nintendo, meanwhile, finished in ninth position with a Metascore average of 75.4.

The full table contains far more detailed results than we can sum up here, so be sure to head over to the website if you want the entire breakdown. It's a pretty fascinating overview of the year that was 2020 from Metacritic's perspective.

  1. SEGA
  2. Annapurna Interactive
  3. Capcom
  4. Sony
  5. Activision Blizzard
  6. Microsoft
  7. Aksys Games
  8. No More Robots
  9. Nintendo
  10. Devolver Digital

Surprised by these results, or are they what you expected? Give us your thoughts in the comments.