It Takes Two launches in just over two weeks on March 26, and the latest trailer gives us another look into the colourful, strange world players will be venturing into.

From the mind of the eccentric Josef Fares, It Takes Two is a unique co-operative adventure that follows a couple who have magically embodied two hand crafted dolls. From here, the story aims to rekindle their relationship through a variety of gameplay environments. Platforming, racing, third-person shooting, puzzles - it's all here, and the latest trailer gives an exhilarating look at the adventure.

"Magically turned into dolls by their daughter Rose, Cody and May are challenged by a cheesy self-help book on love – Dr. Hakim – to fix their broken relationship. Innovative gameplay, emotional storytelling, and laugh-out-loud moments merge in this genre-bending platform adventure made exclusively for co-op."

Fares also gave us an in-depth look last week at some of the gameplay segments players will be embarking on later this month. It definitely looks like the entire kitchen sink is being thrown into the mix! Whether it will work remains to be seen, but if its anything like Fares' past work on games such as A Way Out, we think it may just be in the right hands.

Oh, and don't forget, a friend can join along at no additional charge through the Friend's Pass, meaning you only need one copy between two of you to experience what It Takes Two has to offer.

Will you and a friend be taking a trip into It Takes Two? Let us know in the comments below.