Xbox Indie Showcase Games We Want To See

We have an exciting day ahead of us with the Xbox Indie Showcase! This week has been fairly quiet in terms of Xbox news (so far), so we're betting Microsoft has some fun things in store for us. It's already been confirmed that over 100 games will be shown at the presentation, and we already know some of them - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Second Extinction, and The Ascent to name a few, but what else could be in store?

With so many games set to be highlighted, we've picked out a few particular titles we'd like to see below. Don't forget to join us here at Pure Xbox later today (9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET) for full coverage of the show!


For any Legend of Zelda fans out there, Tunic is one you're going to want on your radar. Playing as a cute little fox, the isometric adventure borrows many elements from the Zelda series, such as obtaining items to continue and a variety of puzzles. It's expected to be a console launch exclusive for Xbox, and we couldn't think of a better indie title to make an appearance during the showcase. It would be even better if it was hitting Game Pass, too.

The Gunk

Now this is an interesting one. It's being developed by Image & Form who worked on the absolutely superb Steamworld Dig series, but is making the jump from 2D to 3D. The Gunk seems to borrow similar elements from their past games of crafting and gaining resources, but features gorgeous visuals and impressive physics on a world made entirely of gunk. We've not seen much gameplay so far, so hopefully the Indie Showcase will bring us more.

Echo Generation

You may have forgotten about Echo Generation, but it should absolutely be on your radar. When it first appeared last year, it looked like a mixture of Stranger Things, The Touryst, and classic JRPGs - we were instantly sold. It's being developed by Cococucumber, the team behind the underrated Riverbond, and boasts similarly impressive visuals, as if everything has been built out of blocks. The story looks charming, the combat looks engaging, and we're excited to see more.

RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Ever imagine your own fantasy adventure as a kid? RPG Time looks to be taking that feeling and bottling it into the form of a game. Set in an empty classroom, the fantasy RPG uses drawings, cut-outs, and homemade crafts to bring your dreams to life. There's honestly nothing out there quite like it and it's been a while since we've heard anything new. It has some gorgeous art design, but we really want to know more about how the game plays. Maybe later this week!

Twelve Minutes

If you liked the premise of Minit but wanted a darker edge, then Twelve Minutes looks to tickle that itch. It's possibly one of the most talked about indie titles coming to Xbox, featuring voice talents from actors such as James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. The premise has you reliving the same twelve minutes after an attack on your home. We don't know much else outside of that, and we don't want to. It seems like an experience best savoured, but we would like to know the release date.


When we first saw Scorn, we thought it might be a new game in the Alien universe. What we got was something far more horrific in scope. A living, breathing environment, where you also have weapons that seem organic. The first-person shooter looks intentionally disgusting and we love it. Quite a bit of gameplay has been shown over the past year, but we're still not sure what the main goal is. Maybe an appearance at the showcase could enlighten us?


Sable was shown back at E3 in 2018 and it's as visually striking now as it was then. Set in an open world desert on a journey of self discovery, you'll explore monuments, landmarks, and uncover a deep personal story. Much like other games on this list, we're yet to have a full in-depth dive on Sable, but we're eager to know more. It's been confirmed to be coming to Xbox this year, so hopefully we'll see something new later this week.


While we patiently wait for someone to revive SSX, what we've seen of Shredders so far has us thinking this could be the spiritual successor we never knew we needed. As you snowboard down a variety of mountains, pulling off stylish tricks, the game seems to bring the adrenaline fuelled sport to life. It's also expected to be a heavily multiplayer based experience, so you can be sure we'll be diving down some slopes in competitive online.

Song of Iron

After pumping too many hours into Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you think we'd be tired of the whole Viking shtick. Wrong. We want more, and Song of Iron looks like a wonderful side scrolling adventure that will clench our thirst. With some impressive visuals and brutal combat, we were already intrigued from the start, but we want to know more - mostly when we can get our hands on the game. So, if Xbox wants to give us that news later this week, we'd appreciate it.

Ark II

OK, here's a slightly more ambitious pick for the showcase. Ark II was announced as part of The Game Awards 2020 this past December, and if it's anything like Ark: Survival Evolved, it'll be published under the ID@Xbox program, making it eligible to appear at this week's event. The game will star Vin Diesel, who is both acting in it and serving as executive producer, and although it's expected to release in 2022, we're hoping it might still show up!

What are you hoping to see at the Xbox Indie Showcase? Tell us down below.

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