EA yesterday announced the Mass Effect Legendary Edition would be released on Xbox on 14th May 2021.

While BioWare's original trilogy had its high and low points over the years, many fans are more than happy to see the series return. This includes the voice actor of FemShep, Jennifer Hale, who was incredibly "moved" to see her character featured in EA's trailer.

Here's her reaction, where she also makes reference to the voice actor Mark Meer - the guy who provides the voice for the male version of Commander Shepard.

Speaking to Polygon, the Legendary Edition's environment and character director Kevin Meek noted how the "iconic" female version of Shepard from Mass Effect 3 would this time be playable from the get-go. As you might recall, this version of the character wasn't officially introduced until the third entry.

FemShep's character model has also been improved - with some slight changes to her face and a model that will now "catch the light better":

“I think she was a really good example of an ME3 character that, you know, had still some room for improvement”

“She competes more with the iconic male Shepherd in terms of overall quality now”

Are you as excited as FemShep's voice actor is for the return of Mass Effect? Leave a comment down below.

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