2K Games has revived Tales From The Borderlands, as the fan-favourite Telltale Games series returns to Xbox One today. The re-release brings all five episodes into one cohesive package, allowing players to experience the entire narrative based adventure. As a result, the episodes cannot be purchased individually as before.

"Fiona is a full-time con-artist who has been scheming to make a fortune selling a fake Vault Key. Rhys—who you might know from Borderlands 3 as the Atlas Corporation CEO—is an ambitious Hyperion employee who idolizes the recently deceased Handsome Jack and is in the market for a Vault Key. The deal they strike goes bad in ways that could only happen in the Borderlands, wreaking all kinds of mayhem. How the rest of the story plays out is up to you, as you make choices during explosive action scenes and conversations with familiar characters like Moxxi, Zer0, Marcus, and Claptrap."

For any Borderlands fan, this spin-off is the perfect reason to revisit Pandora and is one of Telltale's best works before they were sadly shut down. With The Wolf Among Us 2 in the works, maybe one day Tales From The Borderlands can continue with another entry.

Will you be diving back into Tales From The Borderlands? Let us know in the comments below.

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