Stardew Valley Has Received The Board Game Treatment, And It's Available Now

Update: Well, that was quick! ConcernedApe has taken to Twitter to reveal that the initial batch of copies of the Stardew board game have already sold out, and the team is now working on getting a second printing batch started.

"The first printing of the board game is now sold out. We've been blown away by the excitement and response! We're working on getting a second printing started, and I'll let you know when there are updates."

Original story: Stardew Valley’s creator, ConcernedApe, has revealed the official Stardew board game! Oh, and it’s available now!

The board game is currently only available to US residents and retails at $55. Much like the actual game, Stardew Valley’s board game counterpart sees players (up to four) working together to build up their own community. Through farming, fishing, mining, and more, players do their best to maintain their very own Stardew Valley.

It’s said to have been a project more than two and a half years in the making, as the team have worked effortlessly to bring the gaming experience to a tabletop version. Ways the game are played have been researched, so that no two games are the same, by ensuring players receive randomised goals each time, continuously shifting up the playstyles.

Concerned Ape says it's working to make the game available outside of the US as well, "but because of the complexity involved at the moment we're still figuring out the details." Hopefully it won't be too long before it arrives elsewhere!

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