Someone Has Successfully Recreated Halo's Multiplayer In Dark Souls
Image: InfernoPlus on YouTube

Here's a crossover we thought we'd never see happen! Someone has managed to successfully mod the Halo experience into Dark Souls, recreating fan favourite maps such as Blood Gulch.

The 35 minute video gives an extensive breakdown into how modder InfernoPlus managed to successfully recreate the experience, showing early examples of his Blood Gulch recreation before moving into more refined versions. They also detail some of the ways they infused Halo's multiplayer elements into the game, including adding power-ups such as stamina boost.

Concluding the video is a full online multiplayer match in a custom made Halo map, showcasing numerous Dark Souls players battling each other for victory. It's a match made in heaven!

If you have the ability, you can actually download this mod to try for yourself over at InfernoPlus's Patreon, available for the PC version of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition. It's totally free, and adds a bunch of content to the game.

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