Mortal Kombat's First Live Action Movie Trailer Is As Violent As You’d Expect
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros has dropped the first trailer for its upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, ahead of its theatrical and HBO Max release on April 16. As you would expect, it’s extremely violent.

Featuring many fan-favourite characters such as Sub-Zero, the trailer focuses on many of the fighters' unique skills and talents, attempting to work them into its narrative. Similarly to the games, this ends in some truly visceral blood splattering moments. Obviously, it's rated for mature audiences, so be warned.

Mortal Kombat isn't the only video game to be getting the big screen treatment in the future. Sonic The Hedgehog is getting a sequel, with a release date planned for next year. On the whole, video game adaptations seem to be getting a lot better, so fingers crossed Mortal Kombat follows that tradition.

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