Random: eBay Customer Orders A PS5 Controller, Receives A Painted Xbox Controller
Image: crihyde on Reddit

Ever ordered a controller and got one for another console? We haven't either, but one unlucky Reddit user seems to suffered exactly that fate, having reportedly been gifted a fairly unusual controller.

After ordering a shiny new PS5 controller off eBay, Reddit user crihyde shared the end result of what they received and the product is... questionable. It appears they were posted an Xbox One controller which was painted to look similar to a PS5 controller... well, we're guessing that's what it's meant to be.

It's a strange attempt and we can only imagine it would have been cheaper and less effort to just send the PS5 controller itself. At least it makes for an amusing anecdote... it scored plenty of upvotes on Reddit!

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[source reddit.com]