New 'Xbox Series XS' Trademark Emerges, But Don't Go Expecting A New Console

The latest bit of speculation to hit social media about Xbox over the past 24 hours-or-so has been about the discovery of a brand-new trademark for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, filed by Microsoft in recent days.

The specific phrase that has been trademarked is "XBOX SERIES XS", filed on the 29th of December, and fans have since taken to the likes of Twitter to share their theories about what the trademark might be for.

Based on the evidence though, it doesn't look like there's anything to get excited about here. Microsoft also filed a new trademark for the Xbox Series S on the same day, and it seems very likely the company is simply trademarking the "XBOX SERIES XS" phrase as a method of referring to the two consoles, as opposed to anything new.

But who knows? Maybe we're completely wrong about this and Microsoft is going legitimately crazy with its console naming scheme. What do you make of all this? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.