The fantastic Hitman 3 finally released for Xbox and PlayStation platforms earlier today, and following a Digital Foundry report, it's been revealed that the game's console variant actually boasts the best visuals on Xbox Series X.

This is due to the fact that the Xbox Series X renders the game at a native 4K resolution (at 60 frames per-second), while the PlayStation 5 achieves 1800p, and the Xbox Series S offers 1080p.

"Starting at the top, Xbox Series X runs the game at native 4K resolution (incidentally doubling frame-rate and increasing pixel count over Xbox One X's 1440p). Just beneath this sits PlayStation 5, running at 1800p. Meanwhile, Xbox Series S aims for the same 60fps target, but this time the GPU is tasked with running the game at 1080p resolution. There's no dynamic resolution scaling from what we can see, but there is a smart pass of TAA anti-aliasing on all systems."

The Xbox Series X also uses the equivalent of high quality shadows, while the PS5 uses medium, and the Xbox Series S uses low. As for the frame rate, it's almost perfectly consistent on all three systems, aside from one exception in the Mendoza Argentina level where the FPS can drop slightly to around 50 to 60 on Series X.

Interestingly, the last-gen versions of Hitman 3 are all capped to 30 frames per-second this time around (even on Xbox One X), aside from the PlayStation 4 Pro version which is described as a 1080p60 'frame interpolated' option.

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