Cyberpunk Xbox

Looking to take the day off on Thursday December 10 to play Cyberpunk 2077? Well you might want to rethink that as Xbox has its eye on you.

In a fun jab at players intending to take the day off work or call in sick later this week, the official Xbox Twitter account has acknowledged everyone who's planning on being "unavailable" during the day with a cheeky nod:

With any big release, it's often joked about how people will take the week or weekend off, ready for those water cooler talks on Monday morning. There was even a myth that the majority of Japan takes the day off whenever a new Dragon Quest title releases.

That's not true, but we wouldn't be surprised if the number of people self-isolating with their next-gen consoles mysteriously increases over the next few days...

Will you be "unavailable" this coming Thursday? Let us know in the comments below, we won't tell!