Gears 5 developer The Coalition has been dealt a bit of a Christmas blow over the past 24 hours-or-so, as over 35 upcoming multiplayer character skins for the game have been leaked across social media and Reddit.

We're not exactly sure where the leak originated from (it doesn't appear to be the Gears Mexico fan account on Twitter as some have suggested), but nevertheless the official Gears of War Twitter account seemingly acknowledged the leak last night by posting the following meme - all-but confirming these skins are the real deal.

In terms of the skins themselves, we've got some Omega Squad, Hivebuster, Chrome Steel, Hollow Storm, Recon, Heroic and various other character designs on the way, a selection of which you can see in the video and tweet above.

What do you make of these leaked skins? Give us your thoughts down in the comments below.