Guide: Make Yourself Some Xbox Cookies This Christmas

Christmas, like pretty much any day of the year, is a great time to have cookies, and those cookies taste even sweeter when they're shaped like Xbox consoles, controllers and logos. Don't ask why, that's just how it works!

Fortunately, the folks over at Xbox UK have put together a fantastic guide to making your very own Xbox Cookies this Christmas, complete with printable templates and a full list of instructions and ingredients.

Here's a small sample:

You can find the full four-page PDF guide to making Xbox Cookies over at the Microsoft website, which advises using flour, butter, sugar, icing sugar, salt, a couple of eggs, vanilla extract and lemon juice to create the perfect cookies.

The cookie templates include an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Wireless Controller and the Xbox logo, which you simply need to print, cut out, place on the dough, and then cut out the shapes. They should deliver some great results!

Are you going to try this over the Christmas period? Let us know in the comments.