Feature: Why You Should Check Out Dragon Quest XI S With Xbox Game Pass

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition is a bit of a mouthful, but when it hits Xbox Game Pass later this week on December 4, it'll show why its earned that title. It's been a long road, but the series is making the jump to Xbox systems and delivering one of the best entries to usher it in.

Not only is Dragon Quest XI coming over, but it's also the Definitive Edition, which was originally a Nintendo Switch exclusive. With the Christmas period approaching, many of us will be wrapped up in our homes, console on, controller in hand and looking for something filled with jolly vibes to play over the period. Dragon Quest XI is a perfect game to scratch that itch, and here are five reasons why.

A Beautiful World

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One of the first things that's evident about Dragon Quest XI is its spectacular art style. The world of Erdrea is beautifully animated, filled with vibrant, popping colours that just leap off the screen. During its early hours, Dragon Quest XI remains located within lush, green landscapes, but slowly spreads into more exotic territories, including extravagant cities such as the bustling Heliodor.

Every corner of Dragon Quest XI has new surprises to discover, gorgeous vistas and wonderful characters to meet. It's a world to get lost within, and a perfect way to shield away from the cold winter months.

The Ability To Play In 2D

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One of the new elements for the Definitive Edition was the option to experience the entire game in 2D - much like the original games. Despite being 2D, the world still feels alive and is brimming with waves of nostalgia towards classic JRPGs.

At the end of each chapter, the game can easily be swapped between the original 3D mode or the new 2D mode, offering the ability to experience Dragon Quest XI in multiple ways. Not only that, but without spoiling the fun, numerous side quests take full advantage of the mode in unexpected ways that Dragon Quest fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

The Combat

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There's a reason the combat in the Dragon Quest series has remained fairly similar since its original incarnation and that's because it simply works. No matter which entry you dive into, the combat is easy to pick up and packs enough depth to warrant its lengthy runtime.

With up to seven party members, the combat can build into a truly intense battle as you thoughtfully and strategically plan each move, taking out an array of weird and wonderful creatures. There's also a substantial amount of difficulty options, depending on what sort of Dragon Quest player you are. Newcomers will find the game easily accessible with engaging fights, while series veterans can use Draconian difficulty modifiers to truly push the game's combat to its limits.

All New Content For The Definitive Edition

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If you've picked up Dragon Quest XI before, you'll probably be wondering what incentive the game has to entice you in again. The answer? Too much content to name.

Some of the new elements have been touched on already, such as the game's 2D mode and difficulty options, however they're barely scratching the surface. New features such as a full orchestral soundtrack, Japanese voice dialogue, new side stories for companions, mounts to ride, and various quality of life improvements ensure that the Definitive Edition truly earns that title.

The Vibes

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Despite everything else, there's one thing that makes Dragon Quest XI and the series as a whole so special - the vibes. There's honestly something so sweet and sincere about the world that's been eradicated from a lot of modern RPGs. Every title seems to be focused on being darker and moodier than the previous, where as Dragon Quest XI is immensely jolly.

Whether its visiting the casino with your party, making use of the elaborate photo mode, or just taking in the beautiful land of Erdrea, Dragon Quest XI is a constant joyous treat, and in a year that hasn't been particularly kind, its a wonderful way to wrap things up.

Will you be trying Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition when it hits Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below.