Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday

As the Christmas period commences, it’s to time get the fire cranked up and slippers on, wrapped up cosy and warm to play some Xbox! It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some on your daunting backlog, or even better, embrace some Christmas themed games.

With the festive season in full swing, many titles have also begun their in-game events so you can get that Christmas cheer without having to leave your living room. From the zombie slaying mayhem of Dead Rising 4, to the fully decorated island on Fortnite, we've picked out some of the best Christmas themed Xbox games to play this holiday.

Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 1

Perhaps the most obvious mention on this list, Dead Rising 4 prides itself on being a Christmas spectacle. Despite taking place after the season, the remnants of a shopping centre ravaged by a zombie plague amidst the Black Friday sales stands tall and is where players are expected to explore.

With a range of Christmas themed weapons such as the Electric Wreathe, its a playground for those looking for some dark humour over the Christmas period and is a gory, good time throughout.

Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in an all-new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time. With an unmatched level of weapon and character customization, ambitious new features including new zombie classes and EXO Suits, Dead Rising 4 delivers a heart-pounding experience as players explore, scavenge and fight to survive in an epic open world sandbox.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 2

While GTA may be the huge hitter that everyone associates Rockstar Games with, Bully: Scholarship Edition often goes unnoticed. It lets players roleplay their school life again, and complete with seasonal changes, the game also makes the jump to the Christmas period.

When the season hits, multiple new missions for the Scholarship Edition also take advantage of the season, filled with activities that truly give the Christmas feeling. Throw snowballs, give gifts, and even wear an ugly Christmas jumper. It's all here and a segment of the game you are not going to want to rush past.

Bully: Scholarship Edition takes place at the fictional New England boarding school, Bullworth Academy and tells the story of mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes through the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence. Beat the jocks at dodge ball, prank the preppies, save the nerds, kiss the girl and ultimately navigate the social hierarchy in the worst school around.

Batman: Arkham Origins (Xbox 360)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 3

Been disappointed with the lack of superhero movies released this year? Look no further as Batman: Arkham Origins is the ultimate Christmas treat for any wannabe caped crusaders out there.

Set on Christmas Eve, the city of Gotham is fully drenched in the holiday spirit, while also being terrorised by numerous Batman villains for the Dark Knight to take down. Its personality shines through, despite the havoc that's been unleashed on the city. Much like those early Christmas mornings when you'd be watching cartoons, waiting for everyone else to awaken, Batman: Arkham Origins offers that nostalgic feeling over a 20-30 hour campaign. A wonderful treat.

Taking place before the rise of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals, the game showcases a young and unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career as a crime fighter that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight. As the story unfolds, players will meet many important characters for the first time and forge key relationships.

Fortnite (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 4

There's nothing better than sharing the festive season with friends, so that's why Fortnite takes a position on this list. For Christmas, the game has commenced its Winterfest event since December 18 until January 5, 2021, which sees the entire map covered in snow and littered with Christmas decorations.

New quests, cosmetics and game modes are available for all players completely free. There's even a new mode known as The Spy Within, which is sneakily similar to Among Us, so you can even get your fix of the upcoming game before it hits Xbox next year.

Remember Crackshot’s Winterfest last year in Fortnite? This year, Crackshot’s right-hand snowman, Snowmando, has arrived to the island to continue his benevolent legacy. From December 18 (now!) until January 5, play in Operation Snowdown to unlock free Locker items — including two free outfits — and enjoy some gameplay throwbacks as a gift to the community!

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X|S)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 10

If you’re looking for something for a bit calmer and freeing, then Microsoft Flight Simulator (for PC) has got you covered. When VR support launches on December 22, a Winter update which includes real-time snow and ice coverage will also be included.

With travelling being a big no-no this year, having the freedom to fly on Microsoft Flight Simulator has been joyous and now with the added inclusion of free new liveries, planes can feature decals from the dogs Rufus and Sam, famously seen in Microsoft's holiday advert.

Everyone will receive a unique Microsoft Flight Simulator-themed livery for the entire launch plane fleet and simmers will be able to fly with the same cute dog-themed liveries that Rufus and Sam flew in their Pitts Special. Finally, given the time of year, the update will add real-time snow and true-to-life ice coverage to the entire planet.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 5

The Saints Row series has always been home to the weird and downright weirder, yet one expansion manages to top it even further. How the Saints Save Christmas. The short, but sweet extra content managed to pack a lot on its playtime and deliver joy to those looking for something more lighthearted.

One minute you’ll be fighting evil robots at Santa’s Workshop, the next you’ll flying a sleigh of mass destruction, reigning hell fire and presents onto the citizens of the city. It’s an absolute blast and one that doesn’t outstay its welcome - and it's included at no extra charge as part of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

Santa is trapped inside the Simulation but the Scrooge-like Boss of the Third Street Saints can't muster enough Christmas spirit to save him. Can the Saints help the Boss discover the true meaning of the season in time? A holiday classic for the whole family.

Minecraft Dungeons (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 6

Minecraft Dungeons has been a joyous game since it launched earlier this year and it continues to grow. The game lent itself wonderfully to the Diablo style gameplay and has kept giving since its release. The latest content, Chills and Thrills, is a seasonal event between December 18-30 for those looking to smash and attack their ways through a jolly good time.

With six new winter themed trials and two new trial modifiers, the frosty interpretation is going to be great for kids who possibly can't go out and engage in Christmas activities as they usually would. Minecraft Dungeons has proved to be a great action packed family game and the new content looks no different.

The chilliest and thrilliest event in Minecraft Dungeons history kicks off today (December 18 for you too snow-struck to check the calendar) and will run through December 30, 2020. The event will have six new winter-themed trials with two new trial modifiers, including a changing number of chests, changing the cooldown on artifacts, and invisible mobs. Invisible mobs? For the sake of my nerves, I’m not going to dwell on that terrifying little tidbit.

NiGHTS into dreams... (Xbox 360)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 7

The classic Sega platformer, NiGHTS into dreams... is available across multiple Xbox generations and most notably, has Christmas NiGHTS included. For those that don't know, players collect orbs and dash around the levels to gain points. The Xbox version of the game includes enhanced visuals, leaderboards and all the content from Christmas NiGHTS.

You can fly though the classic gameplay, sprinkled with a some Christmas spirit. Iconic songs play out, the backgrounds are draped with a festive backdrop, and the items to collect all embellish a Christmas theme. It's a wonderfully fun time throughout and one that will undoubtedly get you in the mood for the big day.

Slip off into the dream world and go on an aerial adventure as NiGHTS in this classic Saturn remake. Collect Ideya (colored orbs), rack up points, and battle bosses to help Elliot and Claris save Nightopia from Wizeman the Wicked. With all 7 original dreams, enhanced graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and playable content from Christmas NiGHTS, this beloved title is back and better than ever.

Rocket League (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 8

Rocket League is always a fun time on Xbox no matter the time of the year, and it's gotten even better over the past few months considering it's now free for all players. You'll still need to Xbox Live Gold to play online (which is a big part of it), but there are no other costs involved unless you want to buy cosmetic add-ons.

And even better, Rocket League is running its annual festive in-game event 'Frosty Fest' over the Christmas period, featuring a bunch of free items, various limited time modes including the new Winter Breakaway, and the addition of snow to various arenas in the game including the Throwback Stadium!

Log into Rocket League and check out the “nice list” of Event Challenges that unlock wintery items like Holiday Bow Topper, Holiday Hearth Wheels, and even the new Xmas Lights Animated Decal. Golden Gifts are also given out by completing Challenges, and unlock items from series past!

Secret Neighbor (Xbox One)

Best Christmas Themed Xbox Games To Get Into The Spirit This Holiday 9

If you've never played it, Secret Neighbor is an online multiplayer social horror game where the goal is to work together with other players to get into your suspicious neighbor’s basement. It's always a fun time, and now the game has unveiled its massive Winter Holidays Update for 2020 packed with loads of new features.

In addition to a bunch of new cosmetics, you can also now create up to four sizes of snowballs, and use them to build your own snow-army - or just fling them at your friends! And not only that, but there's a brand-new map based on the neighbor’s house from Act 1 of Hello Neighbor, and… the basement is open...

With the most festive of holiday seasons just around the corner we’ve got some special surprises to drop under the tree, and you won’t even have to wait until Christmas day to unwrap them! We’ve got lots to unwrap this holiday season so keep a sharp eye out, stay warm, and we hope you enjoy the new Secret Neighbor Winter update!

Got any other suggestions that you'd add to this list? Tell us down in the comments!