The Coalition is serving up an enhanced version of last year's Gears 5 for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when the two consoles arrive next week, and Digital Foundry has shared an in-depth look at its next-gen enhancements.

The video shows off Gears 5's enhanced graphics and performance which includes 60FPS cutscenes, refined and sharper details, better reflections and shadows, and much more. It also confirms that the game runs at a near-locked 60FPS in the campaign, while the 120FPS multiplayer option appears ultra smooth as well.

Additionally, it goes into more detail about the greatly reduced latency, the difference of which compared to Xbox One X is reportedly "obvious straight away", as well as the game's vastly improved loading times.

You can check out more details on all of this in the video above, and don't forget that Gears 5 for Xbox Series X|S will be available with Xbox Game Pass beginning launch day, November 10th.

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