Having already made an impact on PC players in early access, survival MMO Last Oasis is heading to Xbox consoles.

While no specific dates have been announced, the game is expected to land within the first quarter of 2021, with full optimisation for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. All future updates for the game will be synchronised between all available platforms going forward, as well as full cross-platform support.

A short teaser trailer provides a brief look at the visceral action players will be undertaking with heavy bruiting machines and intense melee combat.

The press release description states:

"Last Oasis is set on a devolved, post-apocalyptic future Earth. A cataclysmic event has halted the planet's rotation, splitting it into two extreme and deadly environments. Only a narrow region between the burning and freezing halves of the planet can support life. The last human survivors must outrun the scorching Sun to survive in a massive Open World."

For PC players currently in early access, Season 2 will commence on November 22, however its introduction will bring a full server wipe to current players.

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