Minecraft Dungeons© Mojang

Mojang has announced the next Minecraft Dungeons DLC - Howling Peaks - and a new season pass for the game will launch on 9th December.

Howling Peaks, originally announced at this year's Minecraft Live event, is a new action-packed trek to a mountain top featuring dazzling new armour, weapons and artifacts. There'll also be new enemies such as the Squall Golem and Mountaineer, and at the very top is the Tempest Golem - corrupted by a shard from the Orb of Dominance.

This update will also include six free enchantments for all players - allowing you to change the way you play the game.

Last but not least is the Season Pass. This gives you access to the next four DLCs including Howling Peaks. Each DLC includes new levels, unique items, new parts of the story and more puzzles and mysteries to unlock. If you purchase the season pass, you'll get each pack at a discounted price.

MC© Mojang
MC© Mojang
MC© Mojang

Will you be returning to Minecraft Dungeons to try out this new DLC? Leave a comment down below.

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