One of the big advantages of backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the ability to take advantage of super fast loading times, especially when those games are stored on the internal SSD.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that has become notorious for its slow loading times on Xbox One (and Xbox 360) over the years, but as you can see from the video above, the Series X cuts this down significantly.

Unfortunately, there's no way of skipping the game's intro sequences, which take up 30 seconds alone, but the loading part after that only lasts around four or five seconds before it throws you into story mode.

The Xbox Series X can't work miracles when it comes to online servers though, so GTA Online still takes a long time to transition from the loading screen to actually playing the game. Still, it's a small boost.

And don't forget that if you tend to play Grand Theft Auto V regularly, you'll be able to use Quick Resume to jump in and out of the game without having to sit through any loading screens whatsoever. That should save a lot of time.

What are your thoughts on these loading times for GTA V on Xbox Series X/S? Let us know below.