Following initial impressions for Dirt 5 on Xbox Series X going live earlier today, the embargo has now dropped for Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which also arrives on launch day, November 10th.

Early previews seem to be largely positive for the game, but in terms of its Xbox Series X specific features, there doesn't appear to be much to shout about. It does, however, feature three different performance modes for you to choose from, allowing you to prioritise visuals, frame rate, or a mixture of both.

Here's what GameSpot had to say about the performance of each of them:

"When running the game on Series X, you'll have three enhancement options: high resolution, high frame rate, and normal. High resolution looks to be rendering true 4K for the best image quality, but the game will run at what appears to be around 30 FPS. High framerate mode brings down the resolution in order to run much higher FPS, although the drop in graphical quality is very noticeable.

I set the visuals to normal and the game seemed to hold a consistent 60 FPS throughout combat and exploration without sacrificing too much in visual detail--I found it to be the best option since it does offer smoother gameplay than what we've had from previous entries that use the same graphics engine."

Others have also echoed similar statements, with Press Start confirming that the normal mode will "suit most people", and is the default setting. The outlet also commented on "how much different" the high resolution and high frame rate options look.

Ultimately, it's going to be completely up to you which mode you prefer to use when the game launches on Xbox Series X|S this November. Which do you think you'll prioritise? Let us know below.