Rare's Sea Of Thieves Fate Of The Damned Update Goes Live Next Week

It's nearly Halloween and you know what that means in Sea of Thieves, right? It's time for a spooky event!

Well, not quite just yet, but very soon according to Rare. In a tweet over on the official Twitter account, it's been revealed the new update - Fate of the Damned - will set sail next week on 28th October.

The brief teaser above zooms into an island with a cave, and a skeleton on top holding a lantern. It's not really much to work with but by this time next week, we should know a lot more.

We're guessing there'll at least be some Halloween or spooky themed content? These regular content updates are all part of Rare's ongoing (and monthly) support for Sea of Thieves.

Will you be setting sail to try out this update? Tell us down below.

[source twitter.com]