Hello Games has unveiled its big No Man's Sky annual update for 2020 in the form of No Man's Sky: Origins, which brings a stranger, richer and more varied universe to the game than ever before.

The list of changes is frankly huge (you can check out the full patch notes on the official website), with highlights being the addition of new planets, binary and ternary stars, volcanoes, lightning, planetary NPC encounters, insect life, devastatingly huge sandworm creatures, colossal archive buildings and much, much more!

It's available right now on Xbox One, and don't forget that you can also play it with Xbox Game Pass.

Starting today, Xbox One travellers will be able to explore a stranger, richer and more diverse universe than ever before. New planetary biomes loomed over by mountainous and volatile terrain, new weather conditions to battle against, a wealth of new creatures large and small, huge new buildings filled with new lore and much, much more. And as with most things in our procedurally generated universe, you will be the first to clap eyes on whatever you discover.

Will you be trying out No Man's Sky's huge Origins update? Let us know in the comments.

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