Sea of Thieves - Dog
Image: @SeaOfThieves

Watch out skeletons (and cats), dogs are coming to Sea of Thieves as part of the game's next content update.

Yes, if felines, birds or monkeys aren't the pets you've been seeking, soon you'll be able to select from various dog breeds. Here's a look at some of these good boys and girls:

Dogs - like the other pet companions in the game, will be available from the Pirate Emporium for real coin when this update rolls out next month (aka September).

In the same Gamescom announcement, Sea of Thieves producer, Joe Neate, spoke a little about the future of the pirate sandbox, and mentioned how he expected next year to be the biggest one yet:

"We continue to have huge plans for the future of Sea of Thieves, with a balance of regular releases and live events alongside those to keep our community engaged, but we've also got some big surprises up our sleeves as we look over the year ahead and I genuinely believe the next year is going to be the biggest one yet for Sea of Thieves."

Will you be purchasing a doggy companion in the next Sea of Thieves update? Tell us down below.