Microsoft Is Giving Away Free Gift Cards To Some Xbox Players

The huge Xbox Summer Sale (also known as the Ultimate Game Sale) began earlier this week, and as a result, Microsoft has been celebrating by rewarding select Xbox players with free gift cards.

However, there's a catch. As pointed out by various commenters on Reddit, it looks like these freebies are restricted to a handful of regions only (US, Canada & Australia we've spotted so far), and appear to be quite limited:

Here's a look at the message some Xbox players are receiving:

Of course, this is nothing new - Microsoft periodically gives out free gift cards to Xbox owners, but typically only in certain regions. This time around, players seem to be getting anything from around $5-10, so we suggest checking your Xbox Live Messages to see if any freebies have dropped in your inbox.

Have you received a free Xbox Gift Card from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below.