Free Play Days: Try These Xbox Games For Free (20-23 Aug)

It's time for another batch of Free Play Days titles! Three more games are available to play for free this weekend for Xbox Live Gold members, and they're all major AAA releases.

So, what's on offer? We've got a couple of racers - the critically acclaimed and recently released F1 2020 from Codemasters, along with the superb smash 'em up Wreckfest. Rounding off the selection this week is the highly popular team-based multiplayer shooter Overwatch Origins Edition.

As always, remember that you'll require Xbox Live Gold (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) to take advantage of these Free Play Days titles. They'll be live from today until Sunday, August 23rd at 11:59 pm PDT.

All of these games are discounted for Gold members as well. Both the Seventy and Deluxe Schumacher editions of F1 2020 are 30% off, Overwatch Legendary Edition is 67% off, and Wreckfest is also 30% off.

Will you be trying out any of these games this weekend? Let us know below.