SoulCalibur VI

Update (Wed 1st Jul, 2020 09:15 BST): It's official! SoulCalibur VI has been added to Xbox Game Pass for console, and is now available via the Microsoft Store.

Original story (Wed 1st Jul, 2020 04:45 BST): Fighting fans are in for a treat - with the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account kind of announcing SoulCalibur will be "coming soon" to Microsoft's popular subscription service. Here's the not-so-cryptic tweet confirming the news:

The only catch is we don't know what SoulCalibur game it will be. The most obvious one would be SoulCalibur VI, which was originally released in 2018. Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series also happens to be one of the playable fighters.

When this news is made official, we'll be sure to update this post. Until then - tell us if you'd be up for some SoulCalibur.

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