Players Reporting Issues With Gears Of War 3 On Xbox One

Over the past few days, we've noticed increasing reports that Gears of War 3 isn't working properly on Xbox One. The issue still doesn't appear to have been fully resolved at the time of writing.

As noted on the official Gears forum, the game vanished from owners' libraries earlier this week before appearing later as an Xbox Game Pass title, but if you aren't subscribed to Game Pass, it still doesn't seem to be working.

Furthermore, some owners of the game are now seeing the Xbox Game Pass symbol on Gears of War 3's game tile, suggesting the game's digital and physical licenses aren't being detected properly.

Microsoft hasn't officially acknowledged this issue yet as far as we're aware, but we'll let you know when we learn more.

Are you having any issues with Gears of War 3 on Xbox One at the moment? Let us know in the comments.