Phil Spencer: Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Jaw-Dropping On Xbox Series X

It was revealed yesterday that Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to PC (including Xbox Game Pass for PC) on August 14th, but nothing was mentioned about a release date for the console version/s.

But don't worry - the game has already been confirmed as coming to Xbox One, and according to a recent interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer, it looks like it's heading to Xbox Series X as well.

Speaking during the recent Gamelab Live 2020 keynote fireside, Spencer revealed that Flight Sim is one of the games he's particularly looking forward to playing on the next-gen system:

"I will say a game that just every time I see it is so stunning, is Microsoft Flight Simulator. And for us at Xbox and Microsoft Gaming, Flight Sim has a long history inside the company.

The studio at Asobo is doing amazing work on that - it's such a technology powerhouse that game with what it's using in terms of cloud compute to deliver the experiences they have, and I think that game on Series X is going to just be jaw-dropping and I can't wait to experience that on the next-gen."

So, while Microsoft hasn't officially come out and announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator is heading to Xbox Series X just yet, it seems a safe bet to suggest it's on the way. With any luck, we'll hopefully get more details on this (and a release date) at the Xbox Games Showcase next week.

Are you looking forward to playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X? Let us know below.