Ubisoft has revealed that its free-to-play battle royale Hyper Scape will officially be available on Xbox One beginning August 11, kicking off the very first season of the game in the process.

In a tweet, the company revealed that the first season will introduce a new weapon, new hack, new limited-time game modes and a 100-tier Battle Pass to Hyper Scape, which has been in open beta on PC for the past month.

The game has been designed from the ground-up as an intense, vertical and fast-paced battle royale experience, allowing up to 100 players to compete in Solo and Squad modes in the futuristic virtual city of Neo-Arcadia.

It also "innovates and twists the battle royale formula in many ways," such as unpredictably dissolving the map into different patterns and allowing downed players to remain active via a unique Echo mechanic, as well as letting Twitch players impact the game in real time by voting on events including low gravity and infinite ammo.

And as an added bonus, it will support cross-progression across all platforms.

Will you be jumping into Hyper Scape's futuristic world next month? Let us know in the comments.

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