Get The Nagasaki Ultralight Glider For Free In GTA Online This Week

If you play GTA Online at any time over the next week, Rockstar is giving away the Nagasaki Ultralight glider for free, which normally goes for over $500k at Elitas Travel.

The giveaway is part of Pilot Week in GTA Online, which sees a whole host of promotions and discounts added to the game throughout the week. Players can get triple rewards in game mode Stockpile, double rewards on all Air Cargo Sales, and double rewards at Flight School, while Hangars and Upgrades are 50% off, along with garage properties and a selection of vehicles.

Furthermore, Twitch Prime owners with Social Club connected accounts can access further benefits, including earning free cash by playing every week throughout the month (up to GTA$1,000,000 in total).

Have you grabbed the Nagasaki Ultralight glider yet? Let us know your thoughts on GTA Online below.