Gears 5's latest update called Operation 4: Brothers in Arms is now available on Xbox One, and it introduces major feature changes to Ranked, the store and the game overall.

Firstly, this represents the largest one-time drop of characters in Gears 5 with Dom Santiago, Garron Paduk, the UIR Solider, Jinn-Bot, Karn, and the Locust Grenadier all playable in Versus.

Elsewhere, there's a completely new ranking system that sees players compete to earn Gears Points. Every ranked match costs Gears Points to enter, so make sure to perform and earn enough points to rank up.

Gears 5 also has a brand-new Store that features a massive permanent collection. These items will be updated every Operation and never leave, so you can use the all-new Gears Coins currency (or Iron) to grab items whenever you want.

Additionally, there are changes to Horde, a new reward system called Tour of Duty, three new maps and a massive set of balancing tweaks, bug fixes and overall improvements to gameplay, the details of which you can find via the full patch notes on the official Gears 5 website. Just be warned, it's a pretty long read!

Have you tried out the new update yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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