8BitDo Unveils xCloud Gaming Controller For Android

Games hardware company 8BitDo has announced a new official xCloud gaming controller for Android phone and tablet devices, as well as a separate new clip for Xbox One and Elite controllers.

The controller works via Bluetooth, and includes an 18-hour rechargeable battery. It's said to feature "ultimate control over every piece of your controller," including the ability to customise button mapping and adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, and comes with a gaming clip with adjustable positioning and support for big smartphones.

If you're already happy with your Xbox One or Elite controller and simply want a clip for your smartphone, 8BitDo is offering one of those as well. Again, it's adjustable and expandable, and the company says it'll also be compatible with the new Xbox Wireless Controller launching this fall.

Both are now available for pre-order on Amazon US, and will be released on September 21, 2020.

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Will you be picking up one of these for Project xCloud later this year? Let us know below.